Time Flies

January 30, 2008 at 1:32 pm (song lyrics)

Time Flies by Vaya Condios

It’s been such a funny day
I don’t know why
Walking on an endless lane
Life passing me by
Tomorrow is calling
But I’m dragging my feet
The skies are indecently clear
But I can’t stand the heat
Sleepwalking in a haze
Stumbling like a child
Dragons that I used to chase
Tease me from inside
The future’s uncertain
Just like yesterday
Memories of heaven
Can be taken away
You know, time flies
And the rebels, one day
They all go quiet
Ain’t no money, ain’t nobody
That can buy you peace of mind
They say you learn from your mistakes
It’s a lie
My redemption has been staged
Numerous times
But the angels of passion
Still taunt me, in my sleep
They keep throwing petals and thorns
Underneath my feet
Repeat Chorus


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Looking for Song Titles

January 29, 2008 at 2:35 pm (Uncategorized)

 Maybe someone can help me.  I’ve been searching or months now and have exhausted all my avenues.

There was an Afrikaans song in the late eighties or early nineties, I can remember some of the lyrics and will place them below, I need to know who wrote and/or sang the song and what the title is:

ek glo die son sal wel weer skyn

ek hoor jou stem

dit streel die pyn

is dit ‘n droom

kan ek dit glo

jy is weer terug

ek sien jou oe

I will appreciate any help.

I would also like to know who sang or wrote the song Pers, one of the Idols on the Kyk Net Idols sang it.

If I know who, then I can track down and buy the cd’s should it still be available.

Thank you

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The Big But

January 28, 2008 at 5:05 pm (life)

Today I need to vent, this is just my humble opinion but I need to get it off my chest. If I hear the little rhyme “We are the victims of our own success” once more I am going to go and vomit then come back and throw a brick at whoever said it.  I don’t throw too good so anyone else in the vicinity better duck.

You cannot build your castle on sand and when it washes into the sea say “Oh, but I am the victim of my own success.” What utter crap, you dig a foundation, a proper one, or that castle will wash away. The South African government built economic castles and gave millions electricity and houses but they did squat to provide a decent foundation for it all to stand on. And it is not like the money was not available, the amount that goes into corruption alone would fund several power stations. It’s not like the systems and structures to maintain that foundation was not in place they chose to let it go to pot.

If Africa had been in some inaccessible and isolated place where no European had ever ventured or could venture, Africans would still be living in huts, walking to get where they want to go and still be living as nuture intended. Nothing wrong at all with that and if that is what they want, then I do not for one moment blame them for hating the settlers.

I just wonder if they would also be killing each other as is the case in Africa’s wholesale slaughter today?

But and this is the big but, they love cellphones, cars, electricity, clothes, houses with running water, boom boxes, money, status, bling etc etc. Africans love the trimmings of civilization but choose to be civilized only when it suits them. If you want rain then you have to accept the thunder and lightning.

The thing is they were way behind, as the technological revolution that occurred sometime in European history had passed Africa by almost entirely.  I am not saying it would not have happened but where was Africa when the first Europeans set foot on the land in the boats that technological revolution provided.

I am not going to go into much more detail as my knowledge of history is a little sketchy but I think that is the gist. Two wrongs do not make a right but should anyone be held responsible for something someone else did 300 years ago?

And in case anyone has issue with the fact that I am not living in South Africa, I was born a South African in South African territory, I had a South African identity document, I still have it. I grew up a South African and was educated in South African schools. I still think like one and I think of myself as one, I do not think in terms of them and us.  I am just glad that I do not live there, crime is not better here but life here is still ok.


“Daar is uiteindelik min regverdiging vir wat ek gedoen het. Hierdie keer is liefde
nie eers ‘n verskoning nie.”

Steve Hofmeyr

Thank you Steve, that’s all I wanted to hear.

Blue Mondays….. 

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Digital Camera Woes

January 27, 2008 at 9:38 am (Cameras)

I am a bit of a photo addict, I love awesome images of landscapes and sunsets to decorate my Desktop and I do not want to look at the same image twice.  And of course I wanted photos of my own lovely country.

So I saved for three years, did a load of research and eventually forked out about R 5000.00 for a Canon Powershot A10, it was the best I could at afford at the time. After some practice and under the right conditions I got some pretty good shots, the camera was a pleasure to work with and did, mostly, what I wanted.

But and this is the big but I absolutely detested the software that came with the camera but was forced to use it.

Then in 2005, the camera and computer started to pick up hassles, I searched the net, and asked the PC guys I knew and some I did not know.

How do you know you are a computer geek? When the guys at the computer store cannot answer your questions. Well then that’s me.

I got various answers but mostly they agreed it was the USB drivers and I’d have to reformat. Ugh I did not want to do that, my wonderful computer had been running for about four years with absolutely no problems it was customized and we knew each other intimately. I loved windows 2000 Professional, hated XP and wanted to wait for Vista. So I swapped cables, uninstalled USB ports and reinstalled them, you name it I tried it.  The camera worked once more and then never again.

Well about a year later I switched on one morning and the screen would not come on. The screen was new so it was not the screen, motherboard was not happy and that same afternoon lightning intervened and my wonderful friend died.

Two months later I got a brand spanking new Packard Bell with huge RAM, HDD, and a graphics card to die for. It came out with Vista. Vista took one look at my camera (and I was so pleased I would finally be able to get the photos off the camera) and said, “Oh no, I don’t like that at all!” Again search the net ask around, eventually I get the message, this camera and Vista don’t go.

 Then last night in a conversation with a non computer friend he suggested why do I not see if the flash card fits into any of the new ports located on the new computer and lo and behold I could simply cut and paste the photos from the flash card to my harddrive. Now why on earth did someone not just say so?

It was with great pleasure that I removed all the lousy software this morning.

We finally had some rain, well lots of rain actually over 50mm in the last three days.  It’s a huge relief. 

Have a good Sunday.

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Quote for Today

January 26, 2008 at 12:25 pm (Uncategorized)

There are no hopeless situations; there are only people who
have grown hopeless about them.
–Clare Boothe Luce

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New Shows

January 25, 2008 at 11:59 am (Television)

I read a couple of comments on the blogs about Feast of the Uninvited, most of them luke warm and a couple unhappy about the English. This is what I thought, being a bit of an oddball, I like things different, so of course FOTU appealled to me. Yes, I agree, I would also have preferred it to be in both Afrikaans and English. I am not sure whether the producers were wise to sacrifice authenticity for the chance of selling the show to overseas markets.

Nothing at all wrong with locally produced stuff and of course programs should have a wider appeal but the Boer War is still a delicate subject and one of much importance to Afrikaaners and in this case the non Afrikaans speakers should make do with sub-titels.

As for the show I loved it, I did not find that fun was made of anyone, I loved the refreshing way it started with a good history lesson. The history I learned at school was very biased, I was not very good at history and my teacher bored the crap out of me so I do not remember much. Today I am much more interested in history so this program is right up my alley.

It could not have been easy for Afrikaans actors to play these parts in English, but I have long felt our actors are world class and I think this show will prove it.

I read Stuart Cloete’s Rags of Glory and would love to see it on film.

The Coconuts on the other hand. It is funny but I find it stiff and contrived, local sitcoms have been around for a while and they can be quite good so I am not sure what it is with this one that it does not quite cut it. The best charachters are Patience, Percy and Beyonce where Thombo should actually be stealing the show with his good one-liners he just fades out. The ad breaks are not well timed either taking allot of the punch lines out with them. The funniest bits are the shots during the end titles where everyone is just goofing around.

Pushing Daisies is superb, I love that kind of thing. It’s a switch off your mind and watch the silly thing, if you think too much about it most of it won’t make any sense at all.

Private Practice, they got it right, Grey’s Anatomy is excellent but it would not have worked to just clone it to Private Practice, cutting down on the medical drama and putting in quirky charachters works very well.

Have a good Friday

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Nuclear Reactors

January 24, 2008 at 2:48 pm (Uncategorized)

I did not know that nuclear powerplants needed so much water http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080124/ap_on_re_us/drought_nuclear_power . This is not a solution for Southern Africa then, as water will become a very scarce commodity out here.

I know that the waste of these plants is a huge problem and there is no way anyone will be able to convince me that it can be safely stored indefinately, no way.

To Liz who kindly responded to my post about empathy, thank you very much, I appreciate your thoughts.

This is a tough week for me, so sorry about the scatty post today.

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Mornings, Rain

January 23, 2008 at 12:37 pm (life)

Ek’s verwaand ook. Ek wil mense stop en sê: ”hoe kan julle sit en gesellig wees terwyl ander mense se lewens uitmekaar val?”

Steve Hofmeyr, Blog, January 23

I felt like that too for a long time, when I woke up in the morning to the cheerful chirping of the birds I wanted to go out and tell them to shut up and respect my pain. I still cannot stand the mornings, it’s too cheerful, I’ve blacked my bedroom out, no light gets in.  I go to bed as late as possible so my day can start as late as possible.

Lately Mondays are the absolute worst, I wake up on Mondays feeling like death warmed over. Now I do not interrrupt my sleeping routine at all and maintain it throughout the week so there is no physical reason for feeling worse on Mondays. But Monday mornings I feel severely depressed.

The Steve Hofmery saga is a sad one and I agree with many of the comments I have read on various blogs that ten years is not a mistake and cannot be made out to be one.  However I will not withdraw as his fan or say that I now dislike him, I cannot do that, it would be hypocrtical of me.  I now exactly what he is, I have lived most of my life with someone just like him, the same words, the same actions, the same deeds, the same excuses, the same defensiveness, the same charm, arrogance and ego, I know it all, 25 years of it. And I thought my guy was unique, what a joke and it’s on me. I still love my ex, I wish he would grow a spine but it does not change the good in him either.

My favorite Steve Hofmeyr songs are:

7 Steelway

Hoe Voel jy nou?

Windgat de Klerk

Love’s the Light 

Load shedding is looming and I am not looking forward to it at all, it’s going to get me down. 

The clouds are lovely today and at least it is not as humid as it was yesterday, 70% humdity is never pleasant. The country has been getting wonderful rain and storm warnings have been issued for some areas, where I live it has barely rained at all, weird. I am glad the farmers are getting rain, the rivers and underground water all getting topped up, wonderful, now can we get some too please.

I am saddened by Heath Ledger’s death, it is a tragedy when a young man dies before he has even reached his prime.

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Promises and The Scriptwriters Strike

January 22, 2008 at 9:50 am (life, Movies)

I wrote yesterday’s posting before reading Rapport I am not going to comment on anything in particular as enough has been said.  What I will say is that I had Janine wrong, she, as is Natasha, women that have been wronged and as I have been in the same situation I know all about the promises, and that is what I have a problem with.

My heart goes out to Natasha, hugs lady.

They have both been hurt, by him and not by the press or anyone else.

I need to say something about the press, both of them are to blame for the media circus, he should have acknowledged her and she should have kept her mouth shut.

Janine is young and beautiful, she is smart and she can get out, staying then is not wise but I am not going to say she is stupid. Calling her press release on her part sleaze is unfair, she is not sleazy but the whole matter is and I know the shame of living with it, of hiding your face and ending up isolated and alone because you are ashamed of it.

At some point he made those promises and he should keep them, had he done so this whole thing would have stayed under wraps a little while longer. I think Louis van Wyk was going to sell his book on this and now they have both pulled that little carpet out.

Load shedding is going to hit us with a bang. I would not call myself a TV addict but I do enjoy my shows and they do pass the evenings which would have been completely intolerable otherwise but the writers strike in the US is going to put an end to the shows anyway.

The writers are the people that make the entertainment world spin, looks like they get the same treatment bookkeepers do.  Bookkeepers are the engine of any business, they that do the filing and punch in the info, they that pay the bills and sort out the debtors, that maintain the ledgers and balance the back account, without this no business can function effectively, yet it was the lousiest job I ever did for the worst pay and the crappiest benefits.

Writers keep viewers interested with plot lines, one liners, charachter development and sharp dialogue where would TV be without them? Well I guess more people would have a life, Steve Hofmeyr would sell even more cd’s and computer games would be the biggest money spinner (if they are’nt already)….ooops don’t computer games need script writers too, I would not know as it’s not something I am interested in at all.

Bookeeping is a good job for the less sociable people like myself and it is nice when everything balances at the end but I would rather go and lie in my grave than ever do bookkeeping again, I cannot even bring myself to balance my own cheque book I hate it so much.

So writers like bookkeepers are underpaid and under appreciated.

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January 21, 2008 at 12:34 pm (life)

Everyday I read about the electricity problems in South Africa and I fear the day it spills over, as we get most of our electricity from there it is only a matter of time.  And I do not blame the people for getting irate about countries’ that import electricity from their power stations.  We are however not able to generate enough power and will be suffering allot worse than South Africans very soon.

And things are getting worse and worse, train stations, set on fire, abandoned babies here and in South Africa, rape murder and random shootings.  Children killing their parents hoping to cover it up with the general precedence of crime. It is worse than Kenia.

And on a lighter note I was unable to open Steve Hofmeyrs blog today so I decided to read Beeld online instead, as I usually do once I’ve read his blog.  He is splashed all over the newspapers, so that explains it. I have one thing only to say about it all, as I have been on the receiving end of broken promises and empty lies and been stringed along with pretty words for over four years by a man that I lived with for twenty so he can have his fling with “my best friend” I can understand Janine’s anger at Steve’s rejection.  But I have no sympathy with her, women who mess around with another woman’s man and relationship deserve all they get.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am not this kind of woman, that “my ex best friend” is the intruder, that she keeps him trapped with money and business, but after all the lies and backstabbing I am loathe to believe anything even my own good sense.

Then my family tells me that the world is open to me, yeah right, can I emigrate to get away from them? With money I must get from where? Can I survive on my own? I was a housewife for ten years and she slandered me to the brink of suicide.

So as much as I have always admired Steve and my ex, men that string women along are not nice guys worthy of admiration. 

It is hard when you love a guy and he such a great person to admit that he is actually a lilly livered sap that does not know what he wants and carelessly destroys the lives of others.

Thinking of all the hurt in this world

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