January 16, 2008 at 12:10 pm (life)

And I did it, I gave advice, it’s hard not to and when it comes to animals I get carried off, always trying to educate and make the world a better place for them. I shall try to refrain.

Well of course it did not rain, these days are so long and I can get very down about it.

Talking of being down, I live constantly in depression or on the edge of it and the last few weeks  I have been having trouble with my foot.  About a month ago I stepped on a thorn, after some well chosen and carefully selected words, I extracted said thorn and thought that was the end of it.

 A couple of days later the spot started to itch and as the days past it started to get hard, so I went to the chemist and got some foot softening lotion and diligently applied it, but to no avail.

As time passed it became more and more annoying, it was not really painful at first so I did not link it to the incident with the thorn but walking became more and more tiresome.  I enjoy walking and drive as little as possible, it’s good for the enviroment, it’s good for me and with my MP3 player I don’t have to pay so much attention to the grey, flat dusty town.

So after some time the foot started to become sore, not being able to walk was inducing another bout of depression and I woke up on Monday feeling utterly flat, I could barely move.

For the last few days I’d started to suspect that it might be a thorn so I boiled water, added some soap and cooler water of course and set about soaking my foot. Not pleasant in the current heat and as I tend to get bored quickly I was up and down all the time even though I had the Rapport to read.

Eventually with an assortment of tools: a knife, pin and nail clipper I dug a hole in the sole of my foot and dug out the offending thorn, it was minute and with it came a small amount of puss so my foot was not complaining about nothing.

Now I can walk again and I feel better, thank goodness.  I know thorns can become troublesome but to leave me so miserable was not something I expected. Depression is funny that way and minor things can make life very difficult.


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