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January 20, 2008 at 10:38 am (Movies)

Hallo on this lovely Sunday,

here it is lovely, we had rain so it’s cool and cloudy, very pleasant.

On Friday I watched Domino and it was pretty good, it’s not the kind of movie I would bother to watch again, way too much noise and it was busy but it’s one of those you should watch if you are into movies. Great camera angles and chaotic sequences. Tom Waites’ Cold Cold Ground really gave it that nice gritty feel, fantastic song.

I am not a huge Keira Knightly fan, she is one of the most over rated actresses in my opinion and I much prefer Natalie Portman, V was excellent and that one I will watch again. But Keira impressed me in Domino, I found her very one dimensional and if you saw her in the TV series she did about Dr Zhivago she has changed allot. It looks like she enjoyed playing Domino and she was very good.

Also caught Children of Men a while ago, and a good performance from Clive Owen, he tends to be one dimensional as well but I do like his anti hero persona, he saves the day but not with great heroics and mind boggling stunts.  Michael Caine was superb and like Morgan Freeman he has become one the great charachter actors of our time.

As a bit of a horror movie fan I find movies like Children of Men much scarier than cgi monsters and slasher flicks, this one is not that far fetched and though I feel that human kind really should put on the breaks when it comes to population growth the other extreme will not solve our problems either.  In this regard the movie failed, I appreciate what the director wanted to achieve and he has done this very well. But I am interested in the “what if” scenarios which were not really explored and was the main attraction for me.

Morgan Freeman was a hoot in Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher and when I think of him that charachter comes to mind.

As for my taste in horror movies, I like things like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and the superb The Excorcism of Emily Rose.  I don’t care for the sequels and will give them a miss but the original Halloween was a masterpiece and I also enjoyed Saw. Movies like the Hills Have Eyes, Hostel etc are more than I can stomach.

Rather then the zombies, vampires (my favorite genre) and all the others in between. Buffy and Angel rock and I also enjoyed Blade and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Underworld was not too bad either.

One of my favorite movies and I watch it often is Constantine, Keanu Reeves is at his very best, excellent movie.

I can talk about movies all day but that’s it for now.


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