January 21, 2008 at 12:34 pm (life)

Everyday I read about the electricity problems in South Africa and I fear the day it spills over, as we get most of our electricity from there it is only a matter of time.  And I do not blame the people for getting irate about countries’ that import electricity from their power stations.  We are however not able to generate enough power and will be suffering allot worse than South Africans very soon.

And things are getting worse and worse, train stations, set on fire, abandoned babies here and in South Africa, rape murder and random shootings.  Children killing their parents hoping to cover it up with the general precedence of crime. It is worse than Kenia.

And on a lighter note I was unable to open Steve Hofmeyrs blog today so I decided to read Beeld online instead, as I usually do once I’ve read his blog.  He is splashed all over the newspapers, so that explains it. I have one thing only to say about it all, as I have been on the receiving end of broken promises and empty lies and been stringed along with pretty words for over four years by a man that I lived with for twenty so he can have his fling with “my best friend” I can understand Janine’s anger at Steve’s rejection.  But I have no sympathy with her, women who mess around with another woman’s man and relationship deserve all they get.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am not this kind of woman, that “my ex best friend” is the intruder, that she keeps him trapped with money and business, but after all the lies and backstabbing I am loathe to believe anything even my own good sense.

Then my family tells me that the world is open to me, yeah right, can I emigrate to get away from them? With money I must get from where? Can I survive on my own? I was a housewife for ten years and she slandered me to the brink of suicide.

So as much as I have always admired Steve and my ex, men that string women along are not nice guys worthy of admiration. 

It is hard when you love a guy and he such a great person to admit that he is actually a lilly livered sap that does not know what he wants and carelessly destroys the lives of others.

Thinking of all the hurt in this world


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