The Big But

January 28, 2008 at 5:05 pm (life)

Today I need to vent, this is just my humble opinion but I need to get it off my chest. If I hear the little rhyme “We are the victims of our own success” once more I am going to go and vomit then come back and throw a brick at whoever said it.  I don’t throw too good so anyone else in the vicinity better duck.

You cannot build your castle on sand and when it washes into the sea say “Oh, but I am the victim of my own success.” What utter crap, you dig a foundation, a proper one, or that castle will wash away. The South African government built economic castles and gave millions electricity and houses but they did squat to provide a decent foundation for it all to stand on. And it is not like the money was not available, the amount that goes into corruption alone would fund several power stations. It’s not like the systems and structures to maintain that foundation was not in place they chose to let it go to pot.

If Africa had been in some inaccessible and isolated place where no European had ever ventured or could venture, Africans would still be living in huts, walking to get where they want to go and still be living as nuture intended. Nothing wrong at all with that and if that is what they want, then I do not for one moment blame them for hating the settlers.

I just wonder if they would also be killing each other as is the case in Africa’s wholesale slaughter today?

But and this is the big but, they love cellphones, cars, electricity, clothes, houses with running water, boom boxes, money, status, bling etc etc. Africans love the trimmings of civilization but choose to be civilized only when it suits them. If you want rain then you have to accept the thunder and lightning.

The thing is they were way behind, as the technological revolution that occurred sometime in European history had passed Africa by almost entirely.  I am not saying it would not have happened but where was Africa when the first Europeans set foot on the land in the boats that technological revolution provided.

I am not going to go into much more detail as my knowledge of history is a little sketchy but I think that is the gist. Two wrongs do not make a right but should anyone be held responsible for something someone else did 300 years ago?

And in case anyone has issue with the fact that I am not living in South Africa, I was born a South African in South African territory, I had a South African identity document, I still have it. I grew up a South African and was educated in South African schools. I still think like one and I think of myself as one, I do not think in terms of them and us.  I am just glad that I do not live there, crime is not better here but life here is still ok.


“Daar is uiteindelik min regverdiging vir wat ek gedoen het. Hierdie keer is liefde
nie eers ‘n verskoning nie.”

Steve Hofmeyr

Thank you Steve, that’s all I wanted to hear.

Blue Mondays….. 


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