February 7, 2008 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized)

What inspiration, goodness. When I started this blog I did not realise that one needed so much inspiration and stuff to maintain it. I have very little of that at the moment, but as I went through some other blogs looks like I am not the only one feeling down, maybe I should switch to Afrikaans. All my life I can never decide, it’s getting on my nerves at the moment.

Anyway, I hope the others won’t mind, I saw that listing the things you hate was going down, so here are mine and just to try and feel better I made a list of my favorite things also:

Things I hate

Things that Piss me off….

1. The psycopath next door, especially the female variety, they mess up other’s lives with
a smile.

2. People who smoke around kids and especially pregnant women who smoke, your kid does not want to smoke, OK.

3. The wind, howling, dune moving wind. It makes me suicidal.

4. Shrinks, I do believe and think that psychiatry is of great use to human beings, but the
type of person attracted to the job….. I think the feeling is mutual.

5.The slaughter of any animal for it’s skin, sorry, killing baby lambs or any other
creature to dress yourself with became obsolete with the discovery of cotton. Testing on
animals and any other form of cruelty also rates very high.

6. Sexpests, men who are out to grope you, run! Even if no one will ever believe you, don’t stay in the job it’s not worth it.

7. Manic/Depressive people who do not realise they have a problem and so blame all their troubles on you. It’s not my fault you feel like crap, I understand but it’s not my fault. Manic/Depressive people who know they have a problem and at least try to deal with it have all my sympathy and support.

8. Barking dogs. I hate it. The barking, not the dogs. But that’s why I don’t keep dogs.
Shut yours up.

9. Broken promises, don’t make them if you can’t keep them, it’s the same thing as lying.

10. Alcohol. It is the root of all evil.

11. Gossip, need I say more.

And things I love:

1. Cats, quiet and loyal and sweet. Cats are no angels and have their hassles but they
don’t bark and they don’t roll in or eat shit. I can live with the odd furball.

2. Flowers, colorful and or fragrant, I don’t mind, not cut flowers, flowers must be
outside attached to plants as nature intended.

3. The ocean, vast, cold and uncaring, always the same yet different every day.

5. Litchis and Mangoes. For few short weeks a year litchis and mangoes bring life to the
never ending dull assortment of apples in the stores. Nowadays apples are inedible anyway.

6. Sex, with a partner, I don’t get much but I do enjoy it.

7. Dragonflies.

8. I love horses with all my soul but I lost mine and I cannot get over it. So I had to
think hard about including them here.

9. Music, good songs with decent lyrics and a voice that can really be appreciated on
a MP3 player.

10. Rugby – I cant wait for the Super 14 to start.


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