Tagged….?? LOL

March 28, 2008 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok I was tagged by Kyra of http://smiekeltjewordpresscom.wordpress.com/, thank you for thinking of me. I will post the rules and answer the questions but will have to break the chain as I do not know anyone else well enough to tag them yet…..but you are welcome to snag the questions and put them on your own blog.

Now I must tell 6 unimportant things about myself and then give this “stick” to 6 other nice people.

1. Make a link to the one who gave you the “stick”

2. Put the rules on your blog.

3. Tell us about six unimportant things or habits about yourself.

4. At the end give the stick to 6 other people with links

5. Leave a message on the blog of the persons you linked to, so that they now what it is about.

Now some things about me:

1. I like chili in all my food except breakfast.

2. I am not a morning person, ever.

3. My cats are my people.

4. I like Rugby

5. I love the rain 

6. I detest plastic bags

Here are instead six links to great blogs I visit regularly:









  1. smiekeltjewordpresscom said,

    Hey, Khamisi, nice you played with us. But just pass it through to e.g. the people you visit more often. And did you know the Emphemeral Victorian is closing down? Such a pity. Bye, bye!

  2. Anneli at attic treasures (happy-digiscrapper) said,


    I found this post through techocrati and was a bit surprised to find my blog mentioned here 🙂 As I haven’t gotten a message yet – or did I miss it??? – I will copy it and pass it through. Can’t do much else as I’m ever so happy for “smiekeltjewordpresscom ” who always sends me such nice visitors!!! *LOL*

    I will now have a closer look at your blog! Thank you for mentioning me here!!!
    Hugs, Anneli at Attic Treasures

  3. khamisi said,

    Hi Kyra, thank you for the stick, as time goes I will hopefully get more comfortable with this kind of thing. Thank you for listing me I really appreciate it. It’s such a pity about Ephmeral Victorian closing down, thank you for telling me.

    Anneli, I hope you found something you liked on my blog too, as I have often downloaded something from you, my call name is Akilah and I leave a note whenever I can, thank you for the great things you both make.

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