January 14, 2008 at 10:00 am (ants)

I share my home with ants, thousands of the little critters. Not sure they hold any hygenic threats and as I am loathe to use poisons I am trying to find a way to accommodate them.

There are the little black ones, they clean up after the cats removing all the bits and pieces around the food bowls and of course the left overs, cats are messy eaters lol.

They get in everywhere, the kettle, the taps you name it they are in it.

Then there are some medium sized black ones. Someone said that they control cockroaches, now those things are not my cup af tea so I kept an eye on roach numbers, quite a drop since the bigger ants moved in and the ones I do see run fast. So there might be some truth in it.  These are some kind of sugar ant and not the big aggresive, smelly kind.

But I find myself constantly rescuing the little critters from drowning and they are pretty tough.

So do I admire my little housemates or simply tolerate them, a little of both, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I just feel that this is their world they were around long before humans and they will be around long after.

Now the little ones have taken over the kitchen wall, why? Goodness. I know ants go up high and they get antsy when rain is approaching so maybe the end of the drought is on it’s way.

All hail to the ants, lol:-))


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