Digital Camera Woes

January 27, 2008 at 9:38 am (Cameras)

I am a bit of a photo addict, I love awesome images of landscapes and sunsets to decorate my Desktop and I do not want to look at the same image twice.  And of course I wanted photos of my own lovely country.

So I saved for three years, did a load of research and eventually forked out about R 5000.00 for a Canon Powershot A10, it was the best I could at afford at the time. After some practice and under the right conditions I got some pretty good shots, the camera was a pleasure to work with and did, mostly, what I wanted.

But and this is the big but I absolutely detested the software that came with the camera but was forced to use it.

Then in 2005, the camera and computer started to pick up hassles, I searched the net, and asked the PC guys I knew and some I did not know.

How do you know you are a computer geek? When the guys at the computer store cannot answer your questions. Well then that’s me.

I got various answers but mostly they agreed it was the USB drivers and I’d have to reformat. Ugh I did not want to do that, my wonderful computer had been running for about four years with absolutely no problems it was customized and we knew each other intimately. I loved windows 2000 Professional, hated XP and wanted to wait for Vista. So I swapped cables, uninstalled USB ports and reinstalled them, you name it I tried it.  The camera worked once more and then never again.

Well about a year later I switched on one morning and the screen would not come on. The screen was new so it was not the screen, motherboard was not happy and that same afternoon lightning intervened and my wonderful friend died.

Two months later I got a brand spanking new Packard Bell with huge RAM, HDD, and a graphics card to die for. It came out with Vista. Vista took one look at my camera (and I was so pleased I would finally be able to get the photos off the camera) and said, “Oh no, I don’t like that at all!” Again search the net ask around, eventually I get the message, this camera and Vista don’t go.

 Then last night in a conversation with a non computer friend he suggested why do I not see if the flash card fits into any of the new ports located on the new computer and lo and behold I could simply cut and paste the photos from the flash card to my harddrive. Now why on earth did someone not just say so?

It was with great pleasure that I removed all the lousy software this morning.

We finally had some rain, well lots of rain actually over 50mm in the last three days.  It’s a huge relief. 

Have a good Sunday.


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