January 15, 2008 at 3:09 pm (cats)

Hello all,

today it looks really good outside, thick gray clouds and a cool breeze, it takes more than one shower to end a drought but even a little water will help, pleeeeeeze…..

I read allot, newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, stuff on the internet, spend my evening last night reading about Henry the VIII, after the Tudors on MNet I felt the sudden urge to know how the story ends so Anne Boleyn gets it in the end.

Anyway in my travels I came across a story about fireworks and stray animals, first off I want to urge everyone to call the SPCA and report your pet missing and go and look if it’s not maybe there, please, according to this article very few pet owners bother to search for their animals.

Last year I moved and on the third evening my cat Shiloh went missing, after an exhausting search in which I covered all the Vets and the SPCA as well as places where stray cats end up and much heartbreak I decided to give the abandoned cat at the SPCA a home.  Mine was vacant and she needed one.

The owners had moved away and had simply dumped her there, they did not even bother to leave a donation, say if she was spayed, how old she was or what her name was.

The SPCA here did not have proper cat facilities at the time and she was in a large kennel in the middle with dogs all around. Needless to say she was absolutaly traumatized, she was very thin (from stress, not lack of food) had developed an excema and there were bugs in her ears.

After she had settled a little and gained some weight I took her to the vet, he could not tell whether she was spayed or not and would need to operate.

While she was still at the SPCA a friend gave me a kitten and well kittens can get a bit much:-))

I named the kitten Nikita and the SPCA cat Nonnie and after the initial spats the two settled down a little, Nikita drove me nuts and Nonnie spent all day and night in her basket.

So it was off to the vet, both had to get their shots and deworming and Nonnie had to have the operation.  A very unhappy Nonnie greeted me on my return and the vet said he could not find anything, it was a huge exercise but it appears she has already been spayed. I felt so sorry for her, she really did not need that trauma as well. And of course the eczema was clearly showing how she felt inside.

The vet was wonderful and kindly charged me the SPCA rate, so once again thank you to him.

But good food, a course of antibiotics and peace and quiet started doing it’s work.

She and Nikita discovered each other, a match made in heaven, two happier and sweeter cats will be hard to find.  And it only improved after Nikita was spayed.  Nonnie did a great job of keeping Nikita entertained and educating her.

It’s almost a year since I adopted Nonnie and every day there are improvements and huge steps forward, watching her come into her own has been the most satisfying experience and I would recommend that when you consider a cat to look at the adult cats at the SPCA as well. 

For first time cat owners a kitten is probably best but if you have had cats before then consider an adult, they need homes too, they do take a long time to come around but when they do it’s well worth the effort.

 Cat greetings


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