Promises and The Scriptwriters Strike

January 22, 2008 at 9:50 am (life, Movies)

I wrote yesterday’s posting before reading Rapport I am not going to comment on anything in particular as enough has been said.  What I will say is that I had Janine wrong, she, as is Natasha, women that have been wronged and as I have been in the same situation I know all about the promises, and that is what I have a problem with.

My heart goes out to Natasha, hugs lady.

They have both been hurt, by him and not by the press or anyone else.

I need to say something about the press, both of them are to blame for the media circus, he should have acknowledged her and she should have kept her mouth shut.

Janine is young and beautiful, she is smart and she can get out, staying then is not wise but I am not going to say she is stupid. Calling her press release on her part sleaze is unfair, she is not sleazy but the whole matter is and I know the shame of living with it, of hiding your face and ending up isolated and alone because you are ashamed of it.

At some point he made those promises and he should keep them, had he done so this whole thing would have stayed under wraps a little while longer. I think Louis van Wyk was going to sell his book on this and now they have both pulled that little carpet out.

Load shedding is going to hit us with a bang. I would not call myself a TV addict but I do enjoy my shows and they do pass the evenings which would have been completely intolerable otherwise but the writers strike in the US is going to put an end to the shows anyway.

The writers are the people that make the entertainment world spin, looks like they get the same treatment bookkeepers do.  Bookkeepers are the engine of any business, they that do the filing and punch in the info, they that pay the bills and sort out the debtors, that maintain the ledgers and balance the back account, without this no business can function effectively, yet it was the lousiest job I ever did for the worst pay and the crappiest benefits.

Writers keep viewers interested with plot lines, one liners, charachter development and sharp dialogue where would TV be without them? Well I guess more people would have a life, Steve Hofmeyr would sell even more cd’s and computer games would be the biggest money spinner (if they are’nt already)….ooops don’t computer games need script writers too, I would not know as it’s not something I am interested in at all.

Bookeeping is a good job for the less sociable people like myself and it is nice when everything balances at the end but I would rather go and lie in my grave than ever do bookkeeping again, I cannot even bring myself to balance my own cheque book I hate it so much.

So writers like bookkeepers are underpaid and under appreciated.


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About Movies

January 20, 2008 at 10:38 am (Movies)

Hallo on this lovely Sunday,

here it is lovely, we had rain so it’s cool and cloudy, very pleasant.

On Friday I watched Domino and it was pretty good, it’s not the kind of movie I would bother to watch again, way too much noise and it was busy but it’s one of those you should watch if you are into movies. Great camera angles and chaotic sequences. Tom Waites’ Cold Cold Ground really gave it that nice gritty feel, fantastic song.

I am not a huge Keira Knightly fan, she is one of the most over rated actresses in my opinion and I much prefer Natalie Portman, V was excellent and that one I will watch again. But Keira impressed me in Domino, I found her very one dimensional and if you saw her in the TV series she did about Dr Zhivago she has changed allot. It looks like she enjoyed playing Domino and she was very good.

Also caught Children of Men a while ago, and a good performance from Clive Owen, he tends to be one dimensional as well but I do like his anti hero persona, he saves the day but not with great heroics and mind boggling stunts.  Michael Caine was superb and like Morgan Freeman he has become one the great charachter actors of our time.

As a bit of a horror movie fan I find movies like Children of Men much scarier than cgi monsters and slasher flicks, this one is not that far fetched and though I feel that human kind really should put on the breaks when it comes to population growth the other extreme will not solve our problems either.  In this regard the movie failed, I appreciate what the director wanted to achieve and he has done this very well. But I am interested in the “what if” scenarios which were not really explored and was the main attraction for me.

Morgan Freeman was a hoot in Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher and when I think of him that charachter comes to mind.

As for my taste in horror movies, I like things like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and the superb The Excorcism of Emily Rose.  I don’t care for the sequels and will give them a miss but the original Halloween was a masterpiece and I also enjoyed Saw. Movies like the Hills Have Eyes, Hostel etc are more than I can stomach.

Rather then the zombies, vampires (my favorite genre) and all the others in between. Buffy and Angel rock and I also enjoyed Blade and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Underworld was not too bad either.

One of my favorite movies and I watch it often is Constantine, Keanu Reeves is at his very best, excellent movie.

I can talk about movies all day but that’s it for now.

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