Why Freebies? Bad Weather

February 6, 2008 at 2:01 pm (Scrapbooking, Weather)

Well I am not sure anyone wants my freebies, well it’s a free world hey. I will upload some more in the next weeks and if I do not get any indication they are being downloaded, I will stop wasting my bandwidth.

The reason I want to offer them is because I like to make them, it’s relaxing and I enjoy learning more about PSP. And they will stay free.

Why? I can only downli-love-you-heart.jpgoad freebies, as I mentioned before my phone bill is extremely high and I simply do not have any money left to buy stuff as well.  Even if I had the money available it is impossible to download the huge files, so I try not to look too hard at them as it makes me sad when I see how lovely the creations are and I know, fairly, that I cannot get them.

I would love to put up a professional site and sell what I make too, so I have absolutely no problem with the ladies that are in a position to do so and I really appreciate the free goodies they do share. Thank you.

So my stuff will be free and will stay free, as I feel I cannot charge if am not in a position to buy similar items from someone else and I am sure there are other cash strapped people, struggling with lousy internet connections that enjoy the creations and scrapbooking or tagging as much as I do.

Is it not interesting that the countries that mess the most with the world are the ones being struck by the worst weather:

Storms in the USA


 and dreary winter weather in China


But it is not only there that the weather is appalling, Australia is having a terrible drought and large parts of Southern Africa are flooding out.

I am not sure what to make of it, the weather has gotten worse all over.  Usually when bad things get worse it should mean that good things get better, for a while, anyway, so periods of “good” weather should be pleasant, but there is hardly any good weather.  Here it is either stinking hot and dry, the wind howls excessively and I cannot deal with the wind, my mood is fragile and the wind drives me insane. And when it rains it is pleasant for a few hours or days but the humidity is so high I can barely breathe.  I remember loving the rainy season and not being weighed down by it.

Global Warming is here to stay, I live a simple life and try to be as enviromentally friendly as possible and I am waging a standing battle with the packers in the stores to use less bags, as soon as I can get hold of some I will buy reusable bags.  Can you believe that I cannot get them in any of our shops?

Well it just dawned on me, I can just take plastic bags with when I go and reuse them in the mean time, duh.  

Anyway I thought I’d share this site with you, and that’s all the Valentine’s Day thing I will do, promise:-)) 




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